Lindsey Pruitt

Art Director | Graphic Designer | Photographer

Lindsey Pruitt is the Owner & Art Director of Lindsey Pruitt Co., her creative studio located in Charlotte, NC focused on brand development & print design. Lindsey is driven by the belief that every person has their own unique magic within — extremely passionate about helping each client come to a deep understanding of who they are, in order to build a brand that is authentic & set apart. As the girl who spent her school years with a disposable camera in hand & a locker covered with magazine ad clippings, she dreamed of the day she could combine her passions for art & creativity into a career to help others bring their ideas to life. When she’s not designing & dreaming with her team, you can find her at home with a latte in hand, snuggled up with her pup, Jovi, and her best friend, Corey — who she was lucky enough to marry.
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